New Social Network Based on
Blockchain and AI Image Recognition

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Bling platform is a new short video social platform based on blockchain and artificial intelligence image
recognition. On the Bling platform, everyone can take pictures and short videos and share their moments
in life with people around the world.

Product Features

Content Distribution: Users can take photos or record short videos on the platform and share with users around the world.

Artificial Intelligence Recognition: AI Image Recognition technology was used to identify all brands, features or lifestyles in users' photos or videos and creating a "Tag" for the brands.

Advertising: Bling platform based on big data analysis and artificial intelligence Tag classification, advertisers can provide very precise advertising, and each content publisher can publish high-quality with the advertiser Tag "tag" images or video Content for advertisers to promote, at the same time gain.

Technical realization

Digital Asset Sharing Economic
Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

Technical realization

AI Deep Learning Network
Users posted a large number of tagged image / video content, through our removal and screening operations, select the 10% of the sample as a training set, enter the Cafef network training, repeat the above process, repeated computing, So that the artificial intelligence recognition of the video or picture to achieve the "Tag" effect.

Video effects processing

Bling has many built-in filter effects that have been tuned by the industry's leading visual designers and are being refined to pursue higher results. At the same time, we will deal with different filter effects based on the scenes and things presented in the video stream.


Digital Asset Sharing Economic Platform Based on Blockchain Technology


Digital Asset Sharing Economic Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

  • Tang Yue

    Small win technology founder, chairman, CEO
    The founder of elong network
    OKCOIN investors

  • Li Tao

    Founder of APUS Group
    Qihoo 360 vice president

  • Wang Xiao Chuan

    CEO of sogou
    Former sohu senior vice President
    chief technology officer

  • Yu Hong

    Founder of SEEU & YGAME former 360 vice
    president, Fun Tour Group CEO

  • Bian Jiang

    Original baidu product director
    Shanda vice President

  • Jiang Nan Chun

    Famous entrepreneur
    The founder of focus media

  • Shao Heng

    Century huatong shareholders

  • Node Capital